Golf du Prieuré

Home to the world's oldest golf Club House

Welcome to Golf du Prieuré proudly presenting two stunning golf courses where members and their guests can golf, relax, dine and stay in the comfort of the world’s oldest house clubhouse – nearly 850 years old. The club is also open to visitors on weekdays and in the summer months. 

Our building, a former Priory, proudly enjoys an authenticated history dating back to year 1180 in the 12th century – making it the official oldest building in the world used as a clubhouse.

The Renaissance of the 12th century was a period of many changes at the outset of the high middle ages. it included social, political and economic tranformations and an intellectual revitalization of Western Europe with strong philosophical and scientific roots. 

It was also at this time that French King Louis VII generously gave land, now Golf du Prieuré and located within the Vexin Regional Natural Park, to the Grandmontain monks to build the Priory of Montcient-Fontaine. It’s the same renovated building that proudly stands as the clubhouse for one of France’s prestigious golf clubs. 

History recalls that from the 16th century the number of monks were so few that the Priory and its land was leased to farmers, and then with the onslaught of the “Revolution”, and the dispersion of religious property, the priory was sold at auction as national property on March 31, 1791 to Joseph Andry, a grocer from “Montmartre near Paris”. 

Nearly a hundred years later in 1888, the Baron of Sailly acquired the Priory and his ownership heralding substantial maintenance and restauration work, lovingly restoring the building to its former glory. 

The onset of the World War II would produce another dramatic chapter in the history of the Priory, though one that saw the building miraculously remain intact despite the destruction and ravage caused all about in the Battle of Vexin

For nearly two weeks in late August 1944 attacks and counterattacks raged, including heavy bombardment of the region, and in the bigger picture battle to help liberate the French capital located now around an hour’s drive to the south-east. 

On August 28th the Priory was taken over by the German army and transformed into a command post and aid station before falling into the hands of the famed American 79th “Croix of Lorraine” (Cross of Lorraine) division led by Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Harvey. The division chose to adopt the blue and white “Croix de Lorraine” as their jacket badge, and a symbol of resistance dating back to the 15th century and recognized the civilized world over. 

Of special note, it was August 25th and in that same week at Mantes-la-Jolie, located around 12 kilometers from Golf du Prieure, that the advancing Allies first crossed the Seine River in the quest to liberate Europe. 

In the years following the War, the Priory remained an agricultural operation until 1963 when “The Sports Association of the Golf du Prieuré” proudly moved into the renovated buildings. 

Famed British-born golf course designer Fred Hawtree was engaged and delighted in designing two stunning golf courses – the East and the West – here at Golf du Prieuré.

It was Hawtree who re-designed the famed Open Championship courses of Royal Liverpool and Royal Birkdale, as well as Hillside, a DP World Tour venue lying right beside Royal Birkdale. 

It’s why at Golf du Prieuré we are rightfully proud of our history- nearly 850 years of history.